8 Plus Size Basics Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

8 Plus Size Basics Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

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We cherish our statement pieces—those glam strappy heels and leather leggings totally make the look—but deep down we all know that a good wardrobe is built upon a few key foundational items. A handful of neutral-colored, go-with-anything essentials allow you to build dozens of unique outfits without a ton of effort or a huge financial investment. Today, we’re discussing some of those core basics to help you create an array of versatile ensembles.

1. A White Sweater—Even Vogue agrees: White after Labor Day is no longer a fashion faux pas (not that we needed their approval, of course). In fact, a comfy white sweater is the year-round top that’s most likely to get lots of wear. You can pair this go-with-anything sweater with virtually any bottoms you own, whether it’s some edgy ripped jeans or a pair of workday slacks.

2. A Long Sleeve Top—For the same reason a white sweater made the list, a white long sleeve top is a big-time wardrobe basic for all women. However, unlike the chunky knit sweater, a breezy long sleeve top can be worn in warmer weather. We named this the “Every Option Top” because it truly goes with everything. The off-the-shoulder look makes it great for the warmer months, too.

Long Sleeve Top

3. A Pair of Dark Wash Jeans—We’re equal opportunity denim fans here, meaning that we love plus size blue jeans in all washes, but there’s something about a darker shade that enhances the versatility factor. They’re a bit easier to dress up than your light wash or distressed denim, so they can be worn to dressier dinners and even to work in more casual offices. Keep a pair of classic dark wash jeans on hand for these occasions. 

4. A Pair of Ripped Jeans—There’s a time and a place for your edgy ripped jeans, too! Brunch with your girlfriends, a music festival or rock show, even running errands—these are all perfect opportunities for debuting your distressed denim. Think of these as the bottoms you bust out when you want to add a little edge and authority to your look, and definitely pair them with cute booties and sneakers.

Ripped Jeans

5. A Pair of Black Jeans—The third pair of jeans in the trifecta of basics is your black pair. Perfect for styling with moto boots, sneakers and sandals in the summertime, some flattering black skinny jeans will definitely become a favorite in the rotation. The black pair is a non-negotiable for you ladies out there who tend to gravitate towards the monochrome or who love next-level neutrality.

6. A Versatile Plus Size Tunic—Speaking of neutrality…we’re obsessed with non-basic basics, like this cute rose-toned tunic. Although it goes with anything, it’s anything but boring. Pair it with any of the aforementioned jeans or with a pair of comfy leggings for a fall or winter look that could go pretty much anywhere.

The Lucky One Tunic in RoseThe Lucky One Tunic in Rose

7. A Black T-Shirt—One of the things that moves a piece of apparel from the extras category into the essentials category is its layerability, and a plain black tee is definitely one of the most layer-friendly items in your wardrobe. You can wear it beneath hoodies, cardigans, blazers and scarves for a supremely slimming base layer. While we’re at it, make sure to add a solid white plus size top, too!

8. A Pair of Gray Sneakers—We probably don’t have to sell you on the gray sneaker trend, since these kicks play to all of your fashion non-negotiables—they’re amazingly comfy, endlessly versatile and super chic, too. They’re also ideal for bringing a little bit of a laid-back, sporty vibe to your ensembles, helping to put whatever you’re wearing into that super-desirable cool without trying category. Keep it versatile and convenient with some gray slip-ons.
Gray Sneakers

Invest in Quality Basics

Ah, the beauty of basics! These are the heavy rotation mainstays that you bust out on the regular, so make sure you don’t skimp too much when picking them out. Creativeclipsbycolleen can help you find the trendy yet affordable plus size basics you need to revamp your wardrobe without a huge financial investment. Be sure to browse our entire selection for basics that look and feel made for you.