Hourglass Outfits: How to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

Hourglass Outfits: How to Make Your Waist Look Smaller

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Let’s start this blog post by saying that every body is a good body, and every shape is beautiful in its own way. Of course, it’s no mystery that plus size fashion is largely geared toward creating the perfect hourglass shape. Not only is the hourglass shape the “most attractive” figure—according to science—but it’s also the shape we see most in plus size fashion models

And if you’re looking to achieve the hourglass shape or make your waist look smaller, we have good news: Most plus size fashion is catered toward creating the hourglass effect. However, since plus size fashion offerings have expanded rapidly over the last decade, we are seeing full-figured fashion take on more daring silhouettes, which we love! But this also means that plus size women who want to create an hourglass effect may have to implement styling techniques to achieve the desired shape. 

We have put together a style guide that will help you learn how to get curves and create an hourglass silhouette—no matter your body shape or the clothes you’re wearing! 

Add a Belt 

A lot of plus size clothing can fit loosely and be more on the flowy side, which will not only minimize your chances of achieving an hourglass frame, but these oversized garments also hide your natural shape. To accentuate your figure and make your waist look slimmer, you can add plus size belts to dresses to bring them in at the waist. This styling technique will cinch your waist and define your figure. 

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Prioritize Wrap Dresses and Tops

Wrap tops and wrap dresses are flattering and slimming on any body type because they define the waist and cinch it naturally. The wrap effect also makes your waist look more narrow and it guides the eye along your curves diagonally.

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Embrace Stripes

I know what you’re thinking, “How will stripes help my waist look slimmer if everyone tells me to stay away from stripes?” Well, what people didn’t tell you is that stripes can actually be very slimming for plus size figures if you style them right. For example, if you are wearing a white dress that has a thick black stripe in your midsection, that will greatly slim your waist. You can also use contrasting stripes of different thicknesses in one garment to create a slimming illusion. 

Add a High-Waist

If you want to make your waist appear smaller, pair a bodysuit or bralette with a high-waist midi skirt. The top of the midi skirt will fall right above your natural waist and it will instantly give you an hourglass look. You can also wear a t-shirt, but make sure to tuck it in or tie it in the front. 

Use Color-Blocking

Color-blocking was a huge trend this summer—so big that it expanded beyond the typical two-piece color block style and into color-blocking in one garment. You can use color-blocked sweaters to highlight parts of your body you love and minimize the parts you want to flatter. 

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Black Is Always a Great Choice

When in doubt, turn to a black outfit. Black is always a flattering and slimming color that can help you accentuate your curves and midsection. You can always draw more attention to your waist by wearing a belt or by having a small amount of midriff showing. The contrast will create emphasis at your waistline. 

Opt for Fitted Sleeves

This summer, embellished sleeves were so in! From the puff sleeve to the dolman, sleeves seemed to be the talk of the town. But when you are trying to create an hourglass figure, you will want to stick to fitted, long sleeves. Fitted sleeves will help maintain or create a more balanced look, which will accentuate and create the hourglass figure. 

Button Up

Even if you’re wearing a heavy coat or a blazer, you can still accentuate your waist to create a slimming effect. Tie or button your coat together at the center to draw emphasis to your waist. This will give you the desired hourglass shape. Avoid leaving jackets, cardigans or blazers open since this will mask and hide your figure rather than contour it. 

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Style a Peplum 

If you aren’t very curvy in the waist and don’t have a natural hourglass, you can always style a peplum top into your wardrobe. Peplum tops are fitted on top and then they flow out at the waist, creating a dramatic hourglass shape on any body type. 

At Creativeclipsbycolleen, we love every plus size body just the same, and we believe that you’re beautiful just the way you are. We know that clothing is so powerful, and that it can help you feel confident. Thanks for trusting us to style you!


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