How to Rock a Classic All-Black Plus Size Outfit

How to Rock a Classic All-Black Plus Size Outfit

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An all-black outfit is every girl’s go-to, but they can be tricky to piece together–especially if you are trying to stay more style neutral.

Black pieces pair well with just about everything, and they go together even better. But how do you take an all-black outfit and elevate it for multiple occasions or differentiate it to fit into a variety of style genres? For example, how would a pair of black jeans and a black sweater look for someone who has a preppier style as opposed to someone who falls into the boho aesthetic? It’s all in the styling! And our plus size online boutique has many flattering garments that you can piece together to achieve the perfect black outfit.

In this style guide, you’ll find some popular style genres and the perfect all-black ensemble! We hope you’ll take inspiration from each genre to craft your very own chic and sleek black outfit. No matter which style you choose, darker colors come off as more authoritative and formal, so get ready for a huge confidence boost.


If you are on the side of having a more preppy style, an all-black ensemble probably isn’t in your vocabulary, but it should be. While black may be a stretch from the pastels and neutrals you embrace the most, you can still create a preppy look in this hue.

Embrace the Dress–It’s safe to say that many dresses usually come off as preppy, so try a plus size black maxi dress to start and accessorize it with the tips below. Jumpsuits are also a great way to achieve a preppy, monochromatic look.

All About the Accessories–Accessories have the potential to transform a black look from alternative to preppy. Top off your all-black ensemble with a gold accent or statement jewelry to give the outfit a luxe feel and look.

Shoe Game Strong–If your all-black look feels too dark and dreary, throw on a pair of neon heels or bright sneakers to liven the look up.


closing night jumpsuit black


The boho style usually sticks to earth tones and rich cream colors, only using black as an accent or accessory. But an all-black bohemian look could be a vibe!

On Top–A plus size black off the shoulder top totally falls in line with the boho aesthetic as it’s effortlessly chic and has that naturally undone look. You could also half-tuck in a black V-neck or T-shirt for a more minimal aesthetic.

Cut-Off–The perfect bottoms for a monochromatic boho look are either a pair of black cut-off shorts or distressed black skinny jeans.

A Neutral Pop–Top off your look with a beige or black wide-brimmed hat! We know the beige hat doesn’t follow the rules of an all-black look, but that little contrast will elevate your monochromatic ensemble while tying into your boho roots.


An all-black look—no matter what you're wearing—screams luxury. There is just something about a monochromatic outfit that makes it look so sophisticated and expensive. Here is the quickest way to look like a million bucks in black.

Sleek Pants–Get the darkest wash plus size black jeans you can find. These will be the pants you live in and want to wear with every outfit but especially an all-black one! Opt for curve-hugging skinny jeans because they will make the outfit look more polished and put together.

Sharp Blouse–Black plus size blouses—in any material—that can be worn untucked or tucked in will be the make or break for this outfit. An easy way to fall in line with a luxurious look is to top the look off with a black, long-sleeve turtleneck.

Less Is More–When it comes to accessorizing a luxe look, you should never overdo it. A dainty gold necklace and a few minimal rings will turn your outfit up a couple of notches even though they are just subtle additions. What seals the deal for this ensemble is a pair of big, bold statement sunglasses. People may try to stop you for your autograph or a selfie because you will look so important and luxurious!

luxe leggings cropped black


If you like to make your gym attire work for yoga and street style, you may love an all-black look that’s versatile to last you through the whole day. All-black gym attire is great because–depending on which style you’re wearing–people may not even be able to tell that you were just sweating your heart out in a HIIT class.

All Black Everything–From top to bottom, make sure your plus size athleticwear is black. If you’re wearing a zip up hoodie or windbreaker, you may get away with throwing on a white sports bra that peeks through your jacket for emphasis.

Have Fun with Sneakers–If you’re itching to add some color into your workout gear, add a pair of vibrant sneakers for a head-turning look.

table for two top black


If you like more of an alternative style, you’re probably no stranger to an all-black look. To spice up your monochromatic tone, try these options::

Never Too Many Tees- Add emphasis to your alternative style with bold and black plus size graphic tees. You can keep your edge while maintaining comfort as you slip into a casual tee that shows off just a little personality (but not too much).

All in for Denim- If you’re heading out in your graphic tee, stay classy with a pair of black jeans. Going out for a night with the girls? Heading to that grungy dive for a show? Grabbing a drink after the concert with the cute boy who locked eyes with you? A black pair of jeans offers you a style that fits almost any situation.

These Boots Were Made for Walkin’- Ok, so your black jeans have you ready for any situation. Your graphic tee shows you have style, but you’re laid back and can chill with the best of them. Now, all you need is some fashionable footwear for the win. Try a simple pair of black boots. They’ll keep the integrity of your alternative style and save your toes from that nasty bar gunk.

As you can see, an all-black ensemble is a simple way to look polished with little effort! It doesn’t matter if you’re rocking out in a classy club, hitting the yoga mat for some stretches, or keeping it chill at a dive bar. Now, your very own, personalized all black is back and better than ever in any situation.