How to Wear a Bodysuit: 6 Perfectly Paired Clothing Options

How to Wear a Bodysuit: 6 Perfectly Paired Clothing Options

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Bodysuits have been trendy for a couple of years now, and they’re definitely not going anywhere. This year, we expect to see bodysuits all spring and summer long — and they may even make their way into fall. This wardrobe staple is so versatile, making it perfect to add to any outfit. If you’ve never worn a bodysuit before, it’s basically a top that you would wear sort of like a swimsuit but you tuck it into jeans, skirts, and other bottoms of your choice. And bodysuits have evolved so rapidly. You can now find bodysuits in different styles like tank tops, short sleeves, long sleeves, and even sweater bodysuits. 

Whether you’re a fashionista who likes to tuck your top in or not, bodysuits look great on plus-size curves. Bodysuits can be very flattering, and they also eliminate a lot of the bulk that comes with tucking shirts in or tying them in a knot. If you’re not new to bodysuits, and you love wearing them already, we hope this style guide gives you inspiration for new ways to wear them.

How Do You Wear a Bodysuit? 

Short story: The possibilities are endless! We’ve included beautiful and flattering outfits with our favorite Creativeclipsbycolleen staples that pair perfectly with a bodysuit.

Jeans + Bodysuit 

If you are a high-waisted jeans kind of girl, you’re going to love styling your favorite pair of plus-size jeans from Creativeclipsbycolleen with a bodysuit. As we mentioned above, bodysuits have become very versatile. So, whether you need something that’s a little more dressed up or you want to stay casual, you can easily swap and style different bodysuits, depending on the occasion. From long sleeves to wrap tops, bodysuits will look perfect with your favorite pair of jeans.

Skirts + Bodysuit

Skirts + Bodysuit 

Whether you love a high-waisted mini skirt or you prefer chic midi slip skirts, bodysuits look incredible with either. Most bodysuits are neutral and pair well with everything, which makes it even easier to style them with bold plus size skirts. What’s more? Even if your skirt is curve-hugging, you don’t have to worry about bulky lines or creases since bodysuits smooth out your figure. And that’s another reason why we love them!

Kimono + Bodysuit

Another reason why we love bodysuits so much is because they’re great for layering. If you like wearing a kimono cardigan, but you’re always wondering what to wear underneath, a bodysuit, paired with a skirt or jeans, will mesh seamlessly with your kimono. And, the best part is that you don’t have to worry about feeling like you’re wearing too many clothes since bodysuits are usually thin. 

Cardigan + Bodysuit

Cardigan + Bodysuit

While we're on the subject of layering, bodysuits and cardigans also pair so well together. Pair a bodysuit with a pair of jeans or plus-size leggings, and then top it off with an oversized cardigan. While the oversized cardigan may look bulky, the bodysuit and curve-hugging bottoms will contour your figure, ensuring that the cardigan doesn’t drown out your shape. 

after hours lounge pants

Joggers + Bodysuit 

Bodysuits are also great to wear around the house because they’re usually made out of stretchy materials that hug every curve just right. If you’re looking for a way to add polish to your loungewear wardrobe, while also wearing your most comfortable sweatpants, pair your favorite joggers with a sleek long-sleeve bodysuit. These pear-shaped body outfits are great because you can spend all day lounging around, or you can leave to run a couple of errands. 

Dress Pants + Bodysuits 

Can you wear a bodysuit to the office? Absolutely, if you style it the right way! Pair a long-sleeve or short-sleeve bodysuit with a sleek pair of dress pants, and then top off the look with a fitted blazer. This is a great way to bring fashion into the office. Don’t be surprised if your co-workers start asking you for style advice!

Whether you are new to the bodysuit game or you’ve been styling bodysuits for months, we hope this style guide inspired you! They may take some getting used to, but bodysuits are so worth the versatility and simplicity they bring to any outfit or wardrobe.