9 Most Flattering Haircuts

9 Most Flattering Haircuts

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Life has been so mundane lately, and we sense that it’s time to switch things up. If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably thinking about getting a haircut. Whether it be a dramatic chop or something more simple just to change your look up, getting your hair cut can be nerve-racking. Every woman has their horror stories of walking into a salon feeling excited about switching up her hair, but then walking out with a cut she didn’t want. 

Today, we are going to show you the most flattering haircuts for plus size women so that you can confidently walk into any salon without worrying about whether or not you’ll leave with a hairstyle that looks stunning on you! 

Long, Framing Layers

Having long hair with framing layers is one of the most flattering hairstyles a plus size woman could have. If you have a long mane and want to do something daring with your hair without chopping it off, add some bold, framing layers that highlight your beautiful face. 

Choppy Bob with Side Bang

If you’re looking to go short, try a choppy bob that falls just above your shoulders and ask for swoopy side bangs. This cut really frames your face well, and it’s a sassy length that will have you feeling edgy and cute! Style it with loose waves or curls for added volume. 

Pixie Cut with Bold Side Bangs

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to try a pixie cut, do it! Make sure you ask the hairstylist for long side bangs so that you can frame your face perfectly!

Grown Out Low Bob Shag

If you want a hairstyle that isn’t short, but isn’t too long, try a cut that falls below your shoulders and ask for choppy and shaggy layers. This is also great for women who have thin hair, as the layers will add volume and texture to your mane. 

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Shag with Curtain Bangs

If you love the shaggy style, but want to add bangs, curtain bangs are perfect for rounder face shapes. These bangs will frame your face and give you a bombshell goddess look. Style this cut with loose curls that turn away from your face or outward. 

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Side-Swept Low Bob

While a center part can be very flattering for round faces, the side part is just as powerful in contouring your face. If you like the idea of having shorter hair, ask your stylist for a low bob with a dramatic side part. 

Box Bob

The box bob will bring symmetry into your life with a straight cut and no layers. This is an edgy look, but will make you feel so chic and on-trend. This cut will slim and elongate your face. 

Long Locks with Short Layers

If you have long hair, but want to define your face shape more, try asking for shorter layers that frame your face. This will contour and slim your face and it will give your hair more dimension. 

Long Tapered Bangs

Every woman has considered bangs at least once in her life. If that’s you currently, you’ll want to stay away from a blunt bang cut and instead opt for soft tapered bangs that either part down the middle or to the side. These bangs will softly frame your face, and they will give you the excitement of having bangs. 

Elevate Your New Hairstyle with a Cute Outfit

Now that you have a fabulous hairstyle that you love, let’s talk about flattering full-figured fashion that can take your entire look to a new level. Since it’s fall, we are so excited about plus size fall outfits, and you should be, too! Pair your favorite off the shoulder sweater or other light layers with a pair of jeans for a cozy and cute look. Off the shoulder sweaters are very flattering and they will also look great with your new haircut. Aside from your hairstyle, if you also want to contour your body, check out our how to make your waist look smaller guide! 

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We hope you have narrowed in on a hairstyle that you think you will love! At Creativeclipsbycolleen, we love to make you feel as confident as possible, whether that be with your hairstyle or your wardrobe. Always remember that confidence is the key to feeling beautiful inside and out. So take a risk and switch things up for a confidence boost! Coco Chanel once said, “When a woman changes her hair, she is about to change her life!”