The 5 Best Dresses for an Hourglass Figure

The 5 Best Dresses for an Hourglass Figure

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It’s summertime, and you know what that means? It’s time to embrace dresses of all styles and lengths. Dresses are the garment of the season, and this summer, there are so many interesting trends and styles of dresses. We have stocked our virtual plus size boutique shelves with dresses that will boost your confidence and flatter your curves.

Today, we will specifically be talking about dresses that were made for an hourglass shape! How do you know if your figure resembles an hourglass? Here are a couple of indicators that may help you identify whether or not the hourglass figure relates to you: 

  • Shoulders and hips are the same width
  • Narrow waist
  • Full bust and butt
  • Body resembles an hourglass or an old-school Coca-Cola bottle

If you have an hourglass figure and you’re wondering which plus size boutique dresses will hug your curves just right, we have the answers! There are so many dress styles that are made particularly to flatter and contour your figure. So, shall we dive into these styles? 

black plus sized dress with belt


If you love your hourglass shape—you’re not alone, many people find hourglass figures attractive—you may want to throw a bodycon dress into the mix. Bodycon dresses will hug your curves just right, highlighting your naturally stunning figure! You can find bodycons in midi, mini and maxi lengths, which means there is a bodycon for every occasion. While the bodycon fit illuminates a very specific silhouette, any kind of fitted dress will accentuate your hourglass figure, whether it’s a maxi or a mini fit. 

stay classy dress lavender

Tie Waist

If you want to show off and accentuate your figure, you will want to stay away from baggy or loose-fitting dresses as they will drown out your curves. However, you could easily belt dresses like that at the waist to better define your figure. But one of the most flattering dress styles for the hourglass figure is a tie waist dress. The tie waist is an incredibly popular trend for the summer! Whether you opt for a dress with a smaller, less noticeable tie waist or a dramatic style, this trend was made for your curves! 

youre unforgettable dress in navy

Fit and Flare

Fit and flare dresses are such a fun and flattering style for those who have an hourglass figure. Because they cinch at the waist, they define your curves and contour your hourglass shape. The top portion of the dress, being on the fitted side, also further emphasizes your smaller waistline while the bottom portion of the dress flows outward. Fit and flare dresses usually come in a variety of lengths, but for the hourglass shape, the mini fit is the style we love the most!

cloudy desert dress in coral

Wrap Dress

Plus size wrap dresses are flattering for every figure, but especially for yours! Because wrap dresses tie at the waist, they will naturally accentuate your curvy hips. Because of the way wrap dresses flow outward toward the bottom, your waist will be emphasized, giving you a flattering and chic look. Wrap rompers and jumpsuits are also a very appealing style for fashionistas with an hourglass figure. Spice up your style this summer by incorporating wrap styles with bold prints and bright colors. 

all my love dress purple

Off the Shoulder Dresses

If you love your body, but you want to draw a little less attention to your figure, plus size off the shoulder dresses will help you achieve more balance. Because you will be showing off your shoulders, your waist will be less emphasized. You can also opt for an off the shoulder dress that is tiered—like the one below—to help minimize the attention to your figure. To find the perfect off the shoulder dress, make sure it cinches at the waist so that your figure doesn’t get drowned out. 

santa rosa maxi dress butter

At Creativeclipsbycolleen, we want you to wear what you love—regardless of your body type. Clothing can help you build and ignite confidence, and that’s what we hope to achieve with our style guides! So indulge in the styles that make your heart sing! Did you love learning about the perfect plus size dresses for hourglass figures? Check out our comprehensive guide on how to dress and style your figure.