The Best Plus Size Workout Clothes

The Best Plus Size Workout Clothes

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The Best Plus Size Workout Clothes

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Are you looking to find cute plus size workout outfits that make you feel even more motivated to hit the gym this year? If so, you’ve come to the right place! The possibilities are endless when it comes to workout outfits. Whether you love a matching set with a bold print or you prefer to keep your look all black and sleek, gym gear makes a style statement of its own! At Creativeclipsbycolleen, we love using clothing to help boost our confidence. And what’s one place where you need more confidence than anywhere else? The gym! It’s no secret that the gym can be intimidating. So, if you find yourself feeling insecure while working out, you’re not alone. 

But we may have just the right solution to eliminating gym intimidation—and it starts with your workout wardrobe. Whether you have drawers overflowing with plus size leggings or you’re in need of a gym wardrobe refresh, we are sharing our favorite plus size workout clothes to inspire your new fits. So, let’s dive into these workout clothes that were made for a strong queen! Remember, it’s good to have your closet packed with these basics so that you can easily put together a stunning and flattering workout look in a second. 

Plus Size Yoga Pants

The foundation to every high-performance and flattering workout look is a great pair of plus size yoga pants. Today, there are so many different colors, patterns, and styles when it comes to your favorite yoga pants. So, whether you like a more minimalist gym outfit or you like your look to pack a stylish punch, you’re destined to find yoga pants that speak to you. Yoga pants usually have some kind of compression for added support during intense workouts. 

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Plus Size Hoodie

Do you like your workout outfits to fit on the loose or curve-hugging side? Either way, it’s a great idea to have a couple of workout hoodies in your wardrobe. If you love a loose fit, go for an oversized hoodie that you can pair with biker shorts or a pair of leggings. For a flattering and curve-hugging look, opt for a cropped hoodie and pair it with high-waist yoga pants. 

Plus Size Leggings

If you’re more of a yoga or Pilates gal, keep some soft and curve-hugging leggings in your workout wardrobe. Leggings are perfect for a day of stretching or a yoga class because they don’t have much compression—unlike yoga pants. Leggings are also versatile, which means you can elevate your gym look with a few accessories and easily create a stylish athleisure look, which is a full figured fashion staple

Supportive Sports Bras

No workout outfit is complete with a supportive plus size sports bra! Whether you go for a bold look and your sports bra is the star of the show or you tend to wear a t-shirt or hoodie over your bra, you want to find a bra that is comfortable, but which also makes you feel confident. There are so many different styles, fits, and support levels to choose from, so make sure you try them all to learn which fit is best for you!

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Plus Size Sweatpants

Since we are on the topic of loose-fitting gym outfits, if you’re not a fan of leggings or yoga pants, you may want to try some plus size sweatpants. These sweatpants hug your curves in all the right places without being too tight. Your figure will still look stunning, and you won’t feel restricted as you perform your workout. 

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Plus Size Long Sleeve 

There are so many kinds of tops you can wear to the gym, but our favorite has to be the plus size long sleeve. Long sleeves can be a great confidence booster because they are flattering and they hug your curves just right during every kind of workout. If you’re not a fan of long sleeves, and you would rather let your arms breathe, you could always pair your bottoms with a t-shirt, crop top, or your favorite sports bra! 

Plus Size Jumpsuits

Say what?! That’s right. Jumpsuits are making their way into workout wardrobes this year! Of course, these jumpsuits don’t look like your average romper or floral jumpsuit. They are usually made out of the same material as yoga pants or leggings. While you can wear these curve-hugging pieces on their own, you can also pair them with hoodies or crop tops. Mark our words: Plus size workout jumpsuits will be a thing soon! Are you ready to hit the gym? If so, we hope you do it in style so that your confidence shoots through the roof!